Dumpster City

The Dorklings!

Just one hour after Spick & Spawn launched, the FDA banned the “eco-friendly” cleaning product for good. Its molecules could multiply, which tripled its reach – but in no time, it moved from toilets to trees, killing off entire ecosystems. On the other hand, it thrived in the Dorks’ favorite dump and seeped into their flesh, forming bulges as they slept. At dawn, those nasty nuggets hatched – and 2,500 Dorklings sprung forth. They’re a simpler and smaller breed, with 127 possible appendages in the mix (and plenty of surprises). However, it’s probably no surprise that Dorks don’t know a lick about parenting, so these insufferable infants need homes! Are you in?

To mint, you'll need: One Series 1 Dork and one Slimeball to burn (in the same wallet) OR Two Series 2 Dorks and one Slimeball to burn (in the same wallet)

Meet the Dorks!

DumpsterDorks is an NFT collection of 5,000 + 7,500 (Series 1 and Series 2) randomly generated avatars stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on the Interplanetary File System (IPFS). Spawned from over 1,400 of the sickest hand-drawn elements this side of the intergalactic dump, each Dork is amassed from curiosities like lost limbs, busted appliances, and hazardous waste, along with special (and scarce!) surprises. Dive into the dumpster and score some trash worth treasuring!

A Tale as Old as Slime

This totally chill alien dude tried to make a pit stop on Earth but got blown to bits immediately — the blast was bonkers! It was a bummer too, ‘cause that barge lugged a muck-ton of toxic gunk in its trunk. It splattered goop across the globe, leaving no stomach unchurned. Most dried into dust, but a few gobs got some SERIOUS munchies. In sewers and landfills, the slime noshed on rotten leftovers, forgotten toys, your grody old gym socks… you name it! As the slurry pools sloshed, flesh melded with garbage ‘til the gnarliest brood of nasty freakazoids emerged and ambled toward the city lights.

4 Dorks


Series 1 Giveaways and Raffles

50 Dorks are given away randomly to Discord members and Twitter followers throughout the launch sale! COMPLETED!

Series 1 Airdrops

We've got exclusive art, collabs, and other surprises for Dork owners! COMPLETED!


After the collection is sold out, 5 ETH will be donated to charities chosen by the team and chosen by the community. UPDATE: ETH donated to Alzheimer's Foundation (team choice) and 2.5 ETH donated to Ocean Conservancy (community choice)

Series 1 Merch

Dorky merch store made for Dorks (and normies!) are coming soon. COMPLETED!

Series 1 Creativity Contests

We seriously love creating and hope you do too! Flex your sweet skills in our monthly contests for Dorky prizes. It could be writing a song, crafting a meme, making a wicked Dork costume, or some other imaginative opportunity! COMPLETED!

Slimeball Claim (DumpsterDorks Utility)

The claim window is open for Genesis Dork holders at https://dumpsterdorks.com/slimeball

Dork-O-Matic (Slimeball Option 1)

Burn a Slimeball to recycle and upgrade your Dorks with the Dork-O-Matic. See Official Links in Discord for more details. Coming soon!

Dorklings (Slimeball Option 2)

Burn a Slimeball to mint a Dorkling. See Official Links in Discord for more details. Coming soon!

Game Competitions for Dork holders

Hang out with fellow Dorks and win some cool prizes!

Series 2 Dork Giveaways

Win Series 2 Dorks through prizes in creativity and gaming contests/competitions in addition to future promotional giveaways.

DumpsterDorks Series 2 Merch

New merchandise will soon be available in the DumpStore. Checkout Series 1 merch now at https://store.dumpsterdorks.com

Dorky Updates from the Back Alley Report

Featured announcements and updates of progressive IP development including new partnerships, collabs, and projects delivered to you by the dork’s favorite news reporter Slugworth Copperbot. Stay tuned!


What’s an NFT?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are one-of-a-kind digital items users can buy, own, and trade. Some NFTs function as digital art that looks neat, while others offer additional utility like exclusive access to websites or event participation. Think of them as rare (limited supply, usually) pieces of art that can also act as membership cards or simply exist as valuable assets with verifiable ownership via the blockchain.

What’s the minting process like?

“Early Dorks” who have joined the Discord AND follow us on Twitter before a snapshot date will be invited to submit their ETH address for our Whitelist Presale. If you meet the conditions, you're in! This way, Early Dorks will get a window to purchase their Dorks in peace without the stress of unnecessarily high gas prices.

The plan for the public sale will be to mint from our website using a reservation system.

Wen dorks? Wen price? ...Whitelist?

We’ll launch our DumpsterDorks Genesis collection on February 7th, 2022!!! Just before the next sale, we’ll offer our DumpsterDork NFT holders a Whitelist opportunity and a snapshot to raffle Matched Sets. The 5000 NFTs will form one complete genesis collection.

We are embracing a whitelisting model to avoid gas wars and give as many interested buyers as possible the chance to mint DumpsterDorks while still rewarding those that supported the project early.

How do I use MetaMask?

This is the way: metamask.io

Where does my DumpsterDork NFT go after I buy it?

Your DumpsterDork NFTs will go right into your wallet after purchase. You’ll be able to check ‘em out on Opensea from our official collection here: https://opensea.io/collection/dumpsterdorks

What’s the deal with the art?

These wacky critters are amassed from 700+ hand-drawn assets that are as endearing as they are disgusting.

What ways will you give back?

After the collection is sold out, 5 ETH will be donated to charities chosen by the team and chosen by the community.

Monthly Dorky Updates

Monthly Back Alley Report featuring announcements and updates of progressive IP development including new partnerships, collabs, and projects.

What’s the merch situation?

Stay tuned for exclusive drops with perks for DumpsterDork NFT holders, including limited-run merch and public merch sales!

Who are the Dorkestrators?

We’re five friends IRL who have collaborated on various creative projects for 10+ years. Our resumes span branding, animation, film/television, photography, video game development, music production, and more! This DumpsterDorks project has been a labor of love for months, and we truly love our slimy creations!

Anything Else?

75 Dorks are reserved by the team for early supporters and giveaways related to launch (Twitter/Discord), and some are for future giveaways. The five team members will each get one Dork of their own.